Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Find Your Light"

Filipinos are naturally warm, friendly and hospitable. When foreigners ask what Philippines is like, I am very proud to describe the places, the food and most of all how our culture had evolved and that how we all have become survivors. In addition, the Filipinos are undeniably amiable, talented and genuinely concerned towards others. Despite the hardships that we face, we find light in any circumstance. Probably religion is one of the reasons how we do it and why we remain so. Also, Filipinos are happy people. They may have struggles but those don't stop us from celebrating life. With that being said, one of the greatest asset of a Filipino is his smile.

Hong Kong Disneyland agrees and it encourages Filipinos to come and visit its resorts and theme parks where you could unleash the light in you . The campaign to bring out the Disney in you in the Philippines had started with this video.

Right now, there are over 200 Filipino workers who make magic everyday in Hong Kong Disneyland. Experience the world class entertainment and guest service they give. Visit us in the park today!

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