Monday, March 30, 2015


Mondays are all about EXPECTATIONS

Mondays expect you to be at your best. Mondays expect you to be functional and efficient. Mondays expect you to be at it! Mondays are all about meetings, new clients and product launching. Mondays are about buses, lattes and taking down notes. Mondays are all about being in demand and being on time.

You on the other hand aim to please.

You aim to be present. You aim to conform. You aim to impress and most definitely, you aim to excel. It's important that you make clients remember you. And there's no other way to start smoothly about it other than being a good representation of what you do best.

Whether you are a lawyer, a flight attendant, a professor or an artist, there's always an expectation behind the way you carry yourself. There's a wide array of clothes to keep up with the great demands of any job but you don't want to get in trouble with that. You want to avoid mismatched ones and you wouldn't want to wear it disproportionately. It's important that you own at least one set of business clothes. Besides, I know that the actual dream here is, to be your own boss someday.

So, today, stand in front of the mirror and say this to yourself loudly and proudly, "DAMN, I LOOK GOOD!" If you felt even an inch of hesitation there, go back and change!

There's nothing that beats a well-groomed vibe. When you know that you have dressed to impress, you are more likely to give out that energy to other people as well. And confidence is something that can never be robbed from you. On job interviews, a first impression is always considered. And being on the go ain't an excuse to just put on "something". Here are some suggestions that you may find helpful.

1. Business jackets and blazers in dark shades demand respect right away. But the light garment, to line the suit down under, says a lot about the wearer. This signifies that despite working hard, she finds time to unwind by riding ferries and sitting down at the park. This set may be observed amongst those who work for somebody important. Like how Olivia Pope works for the US President in the politically awakening series, "Scandal".

2. A realtor would go for this kind of outfit because of its functionality. Business trips to show around a client may take its toll on your feet. To avoid painful calves and bulging varicose veins, flats may come in necessary. The jacket would be helpful as well to keep her warm, making her unstoppable whenever the job requires for her to stay outdoors. The earrings and the necklace balances functionality with style. Slacks or pants allow modesty to flow while you remain up and about. You don't want them to see what they are not supposed to see as you climb up the stairs, do you?

3. Animal prints don't come slutty if you wear them right and if you'd combine it with decent shirts such as a polo with this kind of cut. Keep the hues subtle and the jewelries minimal. Notice the counter material for the animal print which was the leather to stand ground that you hold a reputation despite a little "let go" on the way you dress up. This set denotes a fierce attitude and the crisp shirt informs that you own an organised and tidy working table if you would strut in this.

4. Editors, publishers and people who actually owns a talent agency may be closing deals in this outfit in no time. Style may be owned by many but elegance is something that money can't buy. It is learned and looked up to. A lady that wears black and white colours with a touch of baby pink gives her outfit a certain level of quality about what she wants to share to the public, what she wants to build up in an audience and she would make all of these things happen in her own way. You could consider the outfitter of this to be a "people" kind of boss.

5. The minimalist fashionista need not be too loud with colour choices. Her wit and diction will say it all. Notice the lack of unnecessary accessories. A principal, CEO, or a businesswoman may be seen in this type of clothes. This style aims to imply an unshakeable morale. They mean business and people who opt for the all black hue usually don't take any shit. They take their jobs seriously that they may excuse one two many faults but definitely not more than that. Finish this outfit with your hair up and you're good to go.

6. This is another one for the bosses. Unless it's a casual lunch meeting, an event in the office where you just have to watch some presentation or a day for signing documents, I personally would not choose this since I have an athletic body type. Some flesh may be bulging out here and there. In the corporate world, it's best not to invoke or distract anybody with the way you emphasise your curves even when they are properly covered. The cut of this dress would enhance them so this would be beneficial for those who have a skinny body.

7. If you are comfortable in showing your perky style, do it by all means. It could be an inspiration to some. Our last set of clothes may be noticed amongst artists, creative advertisement directors, salon owners and interior designers. Because of their inclination to geometry, patterns and colours, they may have that need to submit to their ids and just let go every now and then. Usually, artists have a perky attitude and a flexible taste.

It is important to invest on the basics and to invest on sturdy yet comfortable black pumps. At all costs, it'd go down to it and black never disappoints nor fails. Just make sure that there is a balance that you should understand well between plains and prints. And one more important thing is, you're dressing up as you. You might find some pieces that may be a total contradiction to your taste but others in the same set likeable. Go for what you think matches most of your outfits to be able to get your money's worth.

Credits to PINTEREST for the images.

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