Thursday, March 26, 2015


For a year and a half, I have hibernated from going out for drinks with girlfriends.
As my baby had been weaning and is more into solid foods now,
I have indulged on a night at ALCHEMY
where Buddha tears mixed up with liquor
certainly gave me a different impact.

Remember this clip in Sex and the City 2 movie?
Yes, when you're a mom, "sips" may be needed
just to keep you sane and reconnected to yourself.

When you're a mom, you start to think not only of yourself. There's always something that needs your attention and you constantly are worried if you missed a thing in terms of nurturing, feeding, bonding time and future concerns. Needless to say, you somehow neglect yourself willingly that it may be too late for you to realise that you've lost yourself in the process. Having said this, I'd like to encourage you with a reminder, "You had a kid, yes. But you didn't die."

It's important that you have a handful of mommies as friends for you to be understood because the "single-no-kids" ones wouldn't get where you're coming from. At one point, you may be feeling a little aloof towards them because your priorities are different now. Let me tell you that to this account, you're not alone and so many mothers have been there. My good friend Jane, who had her daughter 2 years ago was asking me how I felt in going out, if I felt awkward since it doesn't feel the same way as before when didn't have kids yet. And I said, it's pretty much new to me again. I wasn't knowledgeable about the new trends in drinks, the place was new to me and I felt a stronger emotion than feeling awkward.... honestly, it was GUILT.

fresh Irish oysters with vinegar, tomato salsa
and extra virgin olive oil
But I'm a wide reader. I had a lot of questions so, I had to research. To counter my fear of intoxicating my baby thru the drinks, I read that I need to drink a barrel or 10 bottles of absinthe or any hard liquor before I would. That's good to know. So, I didn't hesitate on ordering the Buddha Tears where part liquor is mixed in with coconut juice, lemon drops and something else that it was like I was drinking the word "SPA" and everything about it.

There's a taste of lavender, lots of zen greens and kind of soil extract. You may think it's gross but, the after taste was rejuvenating. That was one of the highly recommended but I was trying to feel any hit, there was none. Until I ordered a mojito then a SAUVIGNON BLANC. On the side, my girlfriends and I ordered the fresh Irish oysters that were over-the-top good. We were just really supposed to be there for drinks but we got envious of the other table ordering the fabulously laid oysters so we got them. In addition, the home cooked spicy treats (popcorn, peanuts, raisins and almonds with pepper) were soooo delicious. I am not a fan of spicy food but I found myself digging for some and all 3 of us were popping them in because they were just irresistible.

It was an honour to know some people who were friends with the Chef (Chef Pascal) so we met him and had said our praises for how satisfying the oysters were. A little moment later, we were delivered these cranberry macaroons that were like no other. I never loved desserts. More so, if they are chocolatey. So I was eager to taste it right away and we had licked the syrup even because it was so tasty. In the end, our bill was around HK$1400+. 9 drinks all in all, the oysters, the dessert (free of charge) and loads and loads of treats (free of charge) to complete the bill. 

-the best Cranberry Macaroons I've ever tasted-
The macaroons were home made.

I wanted the night to be spent smoothly in a way that I would be able to go out again after this one. So I asked to tag team with my husband to whom I owed a good night from, by being selfless and just wishing me a good time. My girlfriends and I headed home unexpectedly sober because we thought there was not that much alcohol in our drinks. We aren't alcoholic but just for your information about how we would critic the drinks. Food was great, be ready with around HK$400 in your pocket. Service charge was billed and since it is secluded from the chaotic Lan Kwai Fong, you could be assured of seats. A reservation is recommended though Thursdays all the way 'til the weekend.

I love these gals
Trivia about the place since we have met some of the chef's friends and had given us a background of who owns the place, all the French lounges and fine restaurants are owned by the same person. I had the chance to experience Le Budoir with my closest friends and boyfriend then (husband now) I think a little over 5 years ago, which is located on the left side of the street going up to Lan Kwai Fong (where the Cotton On is beside 7-11 and so forth), and it didn't disappoint. Actually, I loved that place.

When we visited Alchemy, it was a cold night that I had to buy a sweater. So I was so relieved that it was very warm inside. The ambiance was relaxing, homey as a matter of fact and for those who would love to have a good chat with mellow music, try having a drink here or two. I highly recommend it since it leads a way too to a dark dining restaurant that my friends and I are aiming to experience before one leaves for Dubai for good.

Here's a movie that features one dark dining restaurant that may ignite the curious in you. 

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