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Finding Tiki Bars in Hong Kong is unimaginable. Due to the game of Rugby that Hong Kong hails annually, the Polynesian influence was given a way to make a name. There stands two in the most in-demand districts, Central and Wan Chai, cocktail tiki bars ready to get checked out for a good time and an escape to experiencing the Poly vibe.

Being married to a Polynesian feeds the islander in me. Philippines own more than 7,000 islands and my dad had imparted unforgettable experiences to me (being a true islander blooded fella' himself, who was born and raised in Romblon) honing my true love for it! In the end, I got attracted to a Samoan warrior and wouldn't mind settling in the heart of the Polynesia (Samoa) later on.

For now that we are spending our productive years in Hong Kong, we crave the island life every now and then. With the hustles and bustles of this vibrant city, we owe ourselves time to unwind. I must admit, a night out (or two) a month keeps me sane for I find it relaxing. Needless to say, going out once in a while keeps me in balance. It keeps everyone in balance when you don't let go of that word, "play!" This weekend, try bringing your friends to these TIKI BARS that mix rums with fruit puree's giving your usual happy hour a refreshing funk! It's different from the usual house party though urban style is still mixed up with it.


I love how it has a big space for islanders to actually lounge in. You see, they are not small (nor will they ever be) at all. This is a huge factor to consider with "anything" Polynesian. No offence meant, Polynesian people naturally own a gene pool of huge, strong human beings. Imagine "The Rock", Dwayne Johnson.... yep! The famous WWF legend. Imagine 10 of those in a room. OK, now you grasp my idea of "They need space!" Now, Honi Honi for sure had that in mind when considering the interior design of this cocktail bar. Since there's only one Polynesian bar in Central, big names in rugby would eventually visit this bar for its rarity.

For more information about the cocktails
available in Honi Honi, click here
The seats are comfortably covered with synthetic felt and are well cushioned, interior is made up of bamboo with warm lighting and toilets are designed conformingly to the theme with tiki men and women labels. The vibe is fresh because of the greens by the veranda and the open space just gives the place a windy feel. Now that summer is almost over, the breeze would be cooler for you to enjoy more pina coladas!

We got a nice place to sit on by the corner of the bar (indoors) and knowing it's just offering cocktails and finger foods, we had dinner first in the comfort of our homes before going to the place.

I started the night with the usual white sauvignon blanc just because it's always my comfort drink. But I started to get jealous and curious all at the same time when my friends' Honi Honi signature drinks started to come. I was forced to chug down my white wine to make way for an adventurous drink.

I went for the TROPICAL STORM that is a mixture of Grey Goose Vodka, Elderflower Syrup, Guava Nectar, Passion Fruit Puree and Strawberry Puree. Hmmm.... what can I say? It's a spa in a mug kind of cup... The fire when it got served gave it a 9 star rate. Drinks are starting from HK$120 and up.

Our only worry was that, it didn't have that much alcohol that you need to probably ask the waiter to make it stronger if you must. Don't get me wrong, I am not an alcoholic but with that much money out, you want to get what you deserve for its worth.
the washrooms

Recently, they have Wednesday nights for ladies who are daring to unleash their creativity by making their own tiki cocktail mix. In addition, the bartenders have monthly mixes fresh out from their imaginative tactile skills that are priced cheaper than the others since it's for you to try and critic. AHI MOANA (priced at HK$90) consists of Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum, Orange Peel, Lime Juice, Sugar and Soda water - a splashy kick to get through the hump day!

Honi Honi is located at the 3/F, Somptueux, Central, 52 Wellington St.,  Central, Hong Kong. My brother-in-law's girlfriend had booked an area for us because we thought it would be filled up since it was a Thursday night of May that time. But surprisingly, it's not that full until 12mn. But people came crawling in huge groups after that. Since it's just at Wellington and is basically a block away from the rest of the bars, we didnt have a hard time getting into them because Honi Honi was accessible either way, up to Soho or to Lan Kwai Fong. Phone reservations can be made too by calling 2353-0885.


Now, this is yet another promising treat in the middle of Wan Chai's busy streets. You think it's only about it being a red hot district but, secluded at the 29th floor, QRE Plaza, 202 Queens Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, a floor opens up to this Polynesian jewel, the Mahalo Tiki Lounge.

the washroom's faucet
I can't emphasise on how spacious it is until you go check it out yourself. Upon entering the lounge, a dance floor awaits facing the bar where an array of spirits and rums are displayed. Much like that of TIKI TIKI Cocktail Bar but besides the facade where these couches are nestled, sliding doors give way to a similar veranda where party goers that prefer staying outdoors may lounge. The big windows open up but not entirely. I wasn't really sure if the roof opens up too since it was pretty crowded the night we went there for a friend's birthday party. But one thing's for sure, it was breezy and we loved how the wind blowing towards us where we chose to hang out by the sofas. It was a summer evening in July so a cool breeze was unexpected. Hanging on the walls are authentic Hawaiian performers showcasing their culture thru stolen shots that says a lot about its richness and truth.

One thing interesting about the club is that everything is one-of-a-kind. Its design, the drinking cups,... their menu is even in a scroll. It leads you to choosing a map of signature Polynesian drinks. With the same crew I was with in checking out Honi Honi, plus more friends, we opt for a huge drink (which in my opinion wasn't still that strong with regards to its alcohol content!)

lighting up the scroll of menu as we
chose our drink
For HK$900, I think 9 also went for a sip of the RAISING SUN. It is a mix of Bacardi Superior Rum, Bacardi Black Rum, Clement Orange Shrubb Liqueur, Blended Passion Fruit, Mango juice, Apple juice, Cartron Peach Liqueur and Watermelon.

OK, I think, 60% of it was watermelon. Uncool!

Probably, the alcohol was just settling down and wasn't mixed properly but it was enough for 9 people. Not bad! I have ordered a mojito on the side, and then we called it a night.

Reservations can be made by calling 2488-8750. Opening hours are from 12pm for lunch - 2am during Mondays thru Thursdays. Fridays same but until 3am. Saturdays, they open around 6pm to 3am. Sundays 4pm-12mn. Click here if you prefer online reservations.

The only bad thing that my husband and I noticed was the music they used. It would be best if they'd play reggae music at least. But it was a house kind of thumping and that's just what turned us off the hook. It was all beautiful and inviting except the music. Polynesian people love to dance. In fact, they are so fond of telling their folklores thru music and dance. So, if you want a Poly bar to last long, the music's gotta' bring it. Or these boys would prefer other clubs to stomp into.

Killing the "Raising Sun"
Overall, in both bars, we had fun because this group had been going out since 8 years ago. So, being altogether, still up until now, is treasured no matter how the night ends up. It's truly a great time we had in visiting these tiki cocktail bars. So with what "mahalo" means in English, "Thank you" for another page turner in our book of happy times. I hope you readers will enjoy it as much as we did!

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