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"COL Financial Group, Inc. is the leading online stockbroker in the Philippines established in 1999. It aims to be the most trusted wealth-building partner of every Philippine investor by providing value driven, innovative solutions and easily accessible financial tools to help investors achieve their financial goals.

To date, COL is the fastest growing online stockbroker with over 100,000 customers and PHP 55 billion in customer assets. COL is committed to help you build genuine wealth by providing client-focused products and services."


Here are some of the important things to achieve as you invest.

1. Become Financially Independent

Financial independence is the ability to be self-sustaining. It means having passive income to enable you to do what you enjoy the most without having to worry about living expenses.

2. Attain Your Financial Goals

Having a plan on how to achieve your financial goals will serve as motivation and create the proper drive towards investing. Whether you have short or long-term goals, investing can help you attain them by making your money work for you.

3. Build Financial Security

Investments are meant to protect and grow the value of your money to help beat inflation. This allows you to take control of your financial health.

4. Stay Ahead

The earlier you start investing, the less money you will need to attain financial freedom. Through the power of compounding, your investments will grow over time and help achieve your goals.


1. Pay yourself first

The first and best way to start investing is by saving money. Every time you receive your pay check, set aside a portion of your income for savings prior to expenses.

2. Set Financial Goals

In order to take charge of your financial future, you must set realistic goals that are attainable within a certain timeframe. This will determine the direction of your investments.


Successful investing requires discipline. Select and commit to an investment plan that matches your needs and goals. Taking concrete steps will help guide you in achieving your financial objectives.


The STOCK MARKET is a place where you can buy and sell shares of publicly listed companies. Investing in stocks will allow you to benefit from a company's growth.

*Stocks make your money grow through:

1. PRICE APPRECIATION - An increase in the value of your stock price that can occur as the company continues to earn.

2. EARNING DIVIDENDS - A portion of a company's earnings can be distributed to its shareholders either in the form of cash or stock.


History shows that STOCKS outperforms ALL asset classes.

Compounded Return of Stocks
versus Inflation
*The value of stocks was based on the actual performance
of the PSEi from 2003 until December of 2014

1. CONVENIENCE - A user-friendly trading platform that's only a click away.
2. INFORMED DECISIONS - Expert Opinion and Research are offered to all customers.
3. FULL CONTROL - Providing all the necessary tools for the independent investor.
4. ACCESSIBILITY - Available anytime, anywhere online and through mobile devices.
5. AFFORDABILITY - Charging the lowest commission rate available in the industry.
6. CUSTOMER SUPPORT - A dedicated team to assist the customer in his/her trading experience.


In four easy steps:

1. APPLY - Application forms are available and can be accomplished online. Provide all the necessary information.
2. SUBMIT - Submit the application form together with the complete requirements to our office of via mail.
3. FUND - Fund your COL account via our partnered banks through merchant payment online or over-the-counter bank deposit.
4. LEARN - To learn more about successful investing, you can attend COL's various seminars by registering online.

For more information, you can visit their website at or email us at help


I had my account with COL Financial four months ago and so far, I have never had problems except on the remittance part into my account. As advised, you should give their office 24 hours for your new available amount to reflect online but I have had an experience that it took longer than that. But their help desk was quick to revive this when I emailed them. So, as far as online service is concerned they are fast and efficient to answer. I aim to keep my account for long term holding a mutual fund and with this quick responses, they make me feel that they are worth of my trust.

They are also abreast with some of the news updates that you need to get hold of in terms of the stocks you are investing on. So, everything is just but a click away. It's super easy to use and very informative.

Main source of information: COL Financial Philippines
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