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Picture having an intimate gourmet dinner, with your foodie friends or your partner, at a roof top with wine at hand, at a comfort of a home, with the chef dining with you and explaining to you each entree. Yes, this is just a click away!

my lovely Wednesday foodie group

A new trend in dining out had emerged people! This Autumn, take advantage of the cool weather and book your dinner from this online foodie platform, Plate Culture. Available in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and in Hong Kong, Plate Culture combines social dining with a one of a kind experience at a foodie's house. Depending on what you crave for, Plate Culture approved chefs are more than happy to welcome you in their beautiful homes, with their lovely pets and warm hospitality. The beauty of it is that information you need about each home is just but one click away. Not to mention, the hearty meal that they feature are like no other.

Tans and Warwick
Check them out in Plate Culture!
As I went over the choices, I got attracted to MrEandMissT's simply decorated rooftop escape in Central. For HK$252/person, I did not hesitate to book a couple of nights with them to maximise the experience. I read thru where Warwick (MrE)'s passion for food and the perfect combination with sous chef Tans (MissT)'s support, rest assured that you would get more of your money's worth. I wouldn't spoil what the online platform had set for you to discover so just check it out on Plate Culture.

But it was interesting to know how they have been chosen to join the group. They have entered their name in this website and people from Plate Culture contacted them and had asked them to present and cook their best dish complete with plating and the works. Heavens are in their favour despite the fact that what they do for a living is teach and cooking is a passion on the side. I cannot even find the words on how to label their food as every entree is solely their own. You cannot say it's South African (since they were from South Africa) nor you can't say it's purely Western since they embrace usage of the Chinese 5-spice. But as you taste their food, it's like fireworks in your mouth.

It is a must for me to bring along people who have the same enthusiasm for food whenever I am up to trying something new. So, I had to gather with my Wednesday group, the most non judgemental bunch, when it comes to indulging to what my *GIT craves for.

Hosts featured in Plate Culture here in Hong Kong can be easily contacted thru the website's messenger. The booking process won't be done unless you and the host have decided on a date. At the beginning, you will be asked to tell something about yourself, who's joining you and as to the food preferences you may have. Once the hosts approved of the date, you'd be sent a payment link via email that is good to book only within the day. It was pretty quick and easy provided you have all your credit card details correct. As soon as you make the payment, the address and the contact number of the host would be sent to you along with the instructions on how to get there. What I love about this is that Warwick was very helpful, contacting me on the side regarding little mishaps here and there.

They are located at Hollywood Road and their rooftop sits atop the 8th floor. It was a work up since there was no elevator to get us there but as soon as I got my wine at hand, I instantly felt relaxed and Warwick and Tans are exceptionally good and warm hosts. They offered us cold water right away. Honestly, my friend and I felt like a mess since we were sweaty but they welcomed us with a sincere hug. As soon as we got complete, the appetisers were served since it was around quarter passed 9 by then.

Warwick had introduced us to this robust flavoured appetiser explaining which he put on what. Honestly, I am no food critic until I get to taste something. But I feel so honoured to be explained of what I am about to experience. They call this the "Perfect Salmon Spoonful". With salmon as the star of this dish, it came in 3 Chinese soup spoonfuls laid on a wooden plate. (Unique plating, check!) They added beetroot to gravlax to give this Norweigan elegance a fantastic colour. The orange, salt and gin added depth to its flavour while the avocado mousse sits atop. This starter owns a secret. It's the sweet sensational popping candy that makes this starter my official favourite!

The set up at MrEandMissT's on their rooftop
is an escape overlooking the stillness and beauty
of Hollywood Road, Central.
As we gulped down 3 spoonfuls of this magnificent delight in no time, Warwick and Tans shared to us how they met, that their language is called "Zulu", what challenges a teacher in Asia usually encounters and how they got Plate Culture to feature them. It's amazing to know that they are teachers by profession  during the day but are chefs and hosts in the evening. It was actually so good of these two to consider my booking since they were full that week. When they approve a night for people to come over, you are guaranteed of a good time. After fun exchange of stories, they gave us more time to chit chat and catch up as they prepare the main course.

Crispy duck breast with
cherry sauce and blue cheese mash
When their menu said, crispy duck breast, this main dish conformed beautifully to it as the skin was truly crisp but the meat was cooked tenderly that it melted and exploded altogether with the blue cheese and cauliflower combined mash and cherry sauce in my mouth. I am a duck, carrot and asparagus lover so, this was a "10" for me! That night, they had pushed their taste buds to the limit for deciding on adding a Chinese five-spice to it. Kicker slices of fig enriched the roasted duck with that umph at the end of each bite. It was just right of a serving for a gourmet dish I must say. Plating, another 10 for the richness in colour, interesting presentation and right amount of sauces and mashed equalisers. And of course, since this night had inspired Warwick to continue being adventurous with his passion, he had done a new dessert.

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Tans' support for this new dessert made her brag about it. Rightfully, it earned its reputation. New York Cheesecake probably is one of the most famous dessert ever made in human history. But what Warwick made, he transformed it to a Nutella cheesecake with an Oreo base that assures your tactile sensation with a rich, creamy popping dessert. Balanced with Vanilla ice cream, the Nutella cheesecake ends our journey to hailing food for that Wednesday night with a memorable aftermath. Flushed out with red wine, it was perfect.

I booked a second dinner with a different set of friends since I loved my experience at MrEandMissT's abode that I had to bring a foodie blogger along with me, Andre Cheung ( For this experience, we had roasted pumpkin nested by ricotta conchiglie. Atop sits a Parmesan crusted walnut dusted with olive caviar that completes the crunchy feel of this lovely appetiser. I am not quite sure if the pasta shells were intentionally cooked crunchy too to sit well on a plating of the refreshing parsley puree.

Roasted Pumpkin on a Ricotta Conchiglie

It was quite reassuring by this time that I would have another whole experience as they have changed the menu for my second visit. Even the place was decorated differently that made so much of the greens of their rooftop pop together with the plating. The lights glowed quietly every two seconds and it complimented the warm air blowing thru the night. I'm amazed at how they had moved the furnitures to open it up more to a breezy atmosphere but a week of rainy storms were expected so, we craved for iced water more than once and lay lowed on the wine.

After an exchange of familiar stories, work experiences and amazing cultural differences, a half hour catching up with my ladies had built up the excitement and craving for the main entree which was pan seared salmon.

Pan seared Salmon with Mango, avocado, beetroot side salsa and with a Coconut Mango Curry Sauce

As we all know, pan seared salmon is already a treat. Packed with nutritious benefits, it oozes out essential omega-3 oil that is good for the heart. But MrEandMissT took advantage of its plain glazed barbecue colour and paired it with a tower of three of my friend, Cathy's, favourites: mango salsa,  avocado and diced glazed beetroot. All of these served on a wooden plating with duck fried potatoes, and a portion of fennel and the last touch which I think is the best thing that made this dish so irresistible is the magical coconut mango curry sauce. These flavours altogether are unfolding a viand that is so delicious, the words to describe it are not even discovered yet.

We didn't wait that long before they served the uniquely plated dessert which they call:

"Salted Caramel Chocolate Delight". Dusted with ground cinnamon, this dessert is served together with a South African milk tart and a scoopful of Almond ice cream. The rich caramel chocolate balances the creaminess of the milk tart. This dessert amazingly lets the explosive flavours from the main entree sit right since it satisfies your cravings for just about anything. This whole dinner gave us everything we love. Salmon, avocado, mango, cinnamon and most of all, cheese!!!! Only MrEandMissT can give you that all at once in one sitting.

Just in case you are curious, here are some of the ingredients that we don't get to see and taste everyday that were also featured in their meals. 


Mizuna, a spider mustard leaf,
commonly used to garnish salads
Everytime I get hold of a new food experience, it always reminds me of an opportunity to get immersed to an extraordinary form of expression. With every food or meal being cooked, I am aware that it takes a great deal of effort, love and passion as it expresses the chef's totality. His experience as a whole, his capacity to reach deep within and most of all, to leave a mark that will never ever be forgotten is magical on its own. There is more to food than most of us know. I love how it brings people together and I love its main purpose on each of us. To nurture.

Thank you MrEandMissT! Because of you, my first Plate Culture Experience had been lovely. When I was talking to people about whether it's of Italian South African or French I can never pinpoint which it belongs to because it's solely Warwick's and Tansy's. I'll definitely go for another round of that new menu!

featuring their terrace decorated with their own herbs and spices
*GIT short for Gastrointestinal Tract

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