Saturday, December 05, 2015


Settling had made me sit aback and realise life's complexities. Right now, decisions are not done just for the sake of what I want or what fits in my schedule. My spouse and my daughter are the primary considerations for all the decisions I have to make.

Realizations, shifts in how I think and enlightenment that took time to seep in my mind is becoming clearer as ever. I am reminded of my purpose when my daughter giggles right in front of me. My drive comes from my spouse often when I hear him vent out about how he had a tired day because of a promise to be strong when he gets weak. All of these are symptoms of a family woman. And like how I always convince myself at the end of the day, I tell to myself, "I am a grown up."

Being a grown up entitles you to many things. With that much responsibility that it expects from you, life still needs to be perceived simply. Challenges will always be there but you should never think that others had not gone that road. One's experience may be different with the other but dealing with a life changing situation may have been dealt by somebody in a certain way. That being said, let me share to you how I came about a calling to an advocacy.

It's just this year that all of it started.

My old time best friends and I have our own family to rear and slowly, we fused into one thinking about how to make the most out of our productive years. We recently had that much time to rethink our 401(k)'s. We are aware that we are employed by the same company for nearly 10 years. So, when there was a random invitation to whoever needs understanding in terms of percentage allocation for the investment we put out on it every month, we went for it. Fast forward, we became interested in becoming financially literate.

As we start investing outside Hong Kong's compulsory one, Fidelity, we became aware of stocks, maturity dates, importance of insurances, compounding interest, retirement and many more. And one investment tool aids somebody into saving a certain amount faithfully, every month for 3 years, allowing it to earn a fixed 5% each month. Imagine if that money would be allowed to reach a maturity date of 20 years without getting withdrawn, it'd be earning millions. So, a paradigm shift happened to me giving this a thought that if I had started investing 8 years ago the time I left my hometown to work as an overseas worker, I would have a million at least in 12 years to start a business or something. I could actually retire at 44 if I would want to. Because I came here to Hong Kong when I was 24.

The catch is, I just knew of it now. So I just started 4 months ago. But then again, it is still good. Because if I wasn't able to do something before, the next best thing for me to focus on is that, I can still do something about it NOW. In addition, my friends and I had pleaded to sharing to the best of our ability, for FREE, the necessary information for all youngsters coming in and working here with us to know the importance of SAVING MONEY, INVESTING AND REINVESTING, the 3 Basic Laws of Money.

Starting to spread the mission in our humble home.
Here is what Melody Hobson had to say for I dream of doing the same thing in our own little way here in Hong Kong. We gather an intimate group and share basic knowledge for further financially literate society. Check out the website: and support us by sharing it to whoever needs it in any way.

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