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Staycations are becoming a hit nowadays. And let's admit it, there's nothing more convenient than being in a totally different looking view in half an hour or so with the whole family without the hassles of packing, unpacking and flying. This Summer, rediscover Hong Kong with these hotels that you never knew were there all along to give you a totally different outlook.


The name suggests its look from the outside as it stands at the edge of a hill solo. It is the perfect getaway if you really want a different feel of Hong Kong. Overlooking Tsing Ma bridge and the harbour separating Lantau and Tsuen Wan, Royal View Hotel has 688 rooms ranging from Superior to 3-bedroom suites. With a room size selection of 385 sq.m. up to 1,428 sq.m., these serviced suites aim to provide a spacious yet efficient interior. Its outdoor lap pool is so relaxing because of the trees. Its shade give out a vibe that you're in a lagoon. The weekend buffet presents fresh sweet tasting seafood and their lamb chops and steaks are seasoned perfectly. The room provides a 3G phone for the guests to use for free. It can be used to research about upcoming sales in the city, shows that you may want to watch, events that are ongoing and it provides IDD service to call the Philippines, USA and of course, Hong Kong for free.

This makes an experience different in a way that there are no 7-11's around, no food stalls nearby, it is really secluded. So if you need a quiet time to unwind, relax and rejuvenate, this is the place to be. It is perfect to stay in for a long weekend to indulge on its Lido Beach which is just a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Walking distance to the Tsuen Wan Waterfront Promenade is fairly bearable. The multi-intelligence mall for kids, Discovery Park, is just HK$25 away. And altogether, this makes a great suggestion for both solo and family staycation.


If you are planning to get close to nature, this by far is the cheapest, yet most worthy of your money. Start your day with a good yum cha just a stairway up the hotel's lobby. They have a massive pool kissed by the sun from early morning 'til late afternoon that is perfect for sunbathing. The kids' room is sanitised every two hours and is spacious and facilitative. Total opposite of the Royal View Hotel, it got a lot of eateries around. But, it's still is provincial in a way. The park is open for some meditation, good long walk and exercise. I have lived more than 8 years here and I can attest to how it had developed to its best to this day.

So for those who would like to stay for a week or two, try checking in here since it's just walking distance from a movie house, groceries, shopping malls, hospital, wet market, police station and many more. Also, it is 45 minutes away from the Shen Zhen border which you may want to visit for a day and then just come back home to Harbour Plaza Resort City in the evening.

A little trivia goes, Tin Shui Wai was known as the fish pond area of Hong Kong before. A New Territory taxi driver explained to us that livelihood long before was about farming and being a fisherman because some of the rice paddies were turned to pools. In the long run, aquaculture had declined that led many to abandon their fish ponds. The government tried to save it thru land reform. But there was a planned preservation of the ponds from the Tin Shui Wai New Town Development. To separate the two, an ecological mitigation area for the wetlands served as the buffer. Later on, it turned into and educational and tourism facility called, The Wetland Park, that your kids may enjoy as you visit. You can jump in the light rail transit going here. Probably around 15 minutes away from the hotel.


Surprise your children with an epic adventure at Noah's Ark. This is absolutely a perfect destination to consider during a staycation here in Hong Kong this Summer.  This season calls for a chance for kids to explore a new experience without the stress from school.

A modern type of camping maybe done by having all your friends with families check in at Noah's Ark Resort, located at Park Island. Underneath the Tsing Ma Bridge also, similar to Royal View Hotel, the resort faces a breathtaking view of the harbour and is situated to the nearby theme park, Noah's Ark.

They have a room that can hold up until 8 people that is perfect for a big family. That room has a huge table where all of you can have a quiet dinner altogether, face to face, without any disturbance of today's technology. Quality time is assured because of the activities the resort can offer. Also, their mission and vision aims to educate and encourage kids to be loving to the animals, environment, to others and to themselves with their exhibitions, displays and attractions.


If you're up for some history and serenity, experience a getaway at Heritage Hotel in Tai O. It's a hotel, museum, and historic facility all in one. And it is an award winner by Trip Advisor, Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific, Human Resource Magazine.

Services here include a tour of the former police station and that of a prisoner for illegal trespassers to Hong Kong at the earlier 1900's. It is facing the South China Sea already so this facility also aimed to patrol against pirates from neighbouring countries back then. It's just in the year 2009 that it got restored into a 9-room boutique hotel by a Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme. An added restaurant above the prison had been built, called the Tai O Lookout to be able to cater to dining guests. Don't miss ordering the one-of-a-kind Crispy Bun with Tai O shrimp paste marinated Pork Chop. And beside the look out is a well preserved booth where policemen exchanged shifts as look outs, hence, the name.

The fish that accompanies the shrimp paste marinated burger
is truly the best kicker in this dish.
I don't eat chocolate but I tried it and it was
deliciously moist and its chocolate flavour is not too
sweet and not too bitter.


Silvermine Beach Resort had been recognised
and had been awarded consistently.
The most recent is being the Resort Hotel of the Year
from the last June 2015, awarding ceremony.

If you want to escape the busy city life, jump in a ferry and take a trip to Mui Wo to find this gem that offers incomparable comfort with their super sized beds and semi buffet treats. By booking Silvermine Beach Resort, you get the sun, sand and the solitude. Bring your family for a series of outdoor activities that become limited while living in the metro.

Imagine my big Samoan husband,
my half Samoan, half Filipino, one year old and I on this bed.
We all have the best sleep for this is the most
comfortable bed we've ever slept in together as a family.

In terms of what's exquisite about this place, it is accessible to the city, a school, a wet market, a police station, a bus station, a taxi stand and the pier. This way, even if you choose to be in the hidden part of Lantau Island, villagers exude that energy all through out the area because they are efficient in their own ways.

Things that you shouldn't miss in staying here in Silvermine Beach Resort: The herd of carabaos resting in the evening right in front of the hotel. It's a good way to introduce what a carabao is to kids without any restraints or the idea that they are tied up because these carabaos are free to roam around. The outdoor swimming pools (one for the kids and one for the adults) are very rejuvenating because of the scenery that surrounds you, mountains and gardens. And my personal favourite, watching the sunrise by the hotel's wooden deck over coffee facing the beach horizon. The hope that it whispers is empowering.


It's the kids' break from school. Why not take advantage of a HK$11,800 worth of a month's stay at Gold Coast Hotel? This 2-room apartment type is fully furnished, with a sublime sea view. Being 30 minutes away from the city, Gold Coast Hotel gives you a East-meets-West fusion of food, ambiance and service.

Its yacht and country club is such a great view from the hotel and from the Gold Coast Piazza. It provides a nice membership package including an exclusive spa service. Chilli and Spice is the most popular restaurant in the Piazza for their cooking service of the seafood that is freshly available outside the restaurant and their lamb curry is the most delicious I've had so far while staying here in Hong Kong.

Besides the Gold Coast Beach which is one of Hong Kong's longest beaches, the Piazza that holds French, Italian, Indian, Thai and Chinese restaurants and the view of the luxurious yachts, nearby attractions can also be readily accessed. Butterfly gardens serve as natural habitats for butterflies in pursuit of the tropical landscapes of the Gold Coast community to be redeveloped. There's also eco-gardens where residents can participate in organic farming with an intention of caring for the environment. Gold Coast Hotel gives its residents encouragement in doing physical exercises with its jogging routes which you may do for 10, 15 or 30 minutes. Gym facilities are also well equipped.

The minimum stay at the Gold Coast apartments is 1 month. But hotel rooms are rated per night. They have shuttle bus services to and fro Central, Olympic and Tsuen Wan stations. Airport shuttle bus service may also be availed. Some facilities include a barbecue area for your family to enjoy, there's a kids' cove, there are outdoor pools, billiard tables, tennis and squash courts and sun deck area. There's nothing more that you'd ask for except to be able to extend the kids' vacation months to stay longer I'm sure.


This last hotel is for those who want time on their own or with their loved one. This is the kind of hotel that would cater to somebody who wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you want to have a sleeping in time because of too much stress at work or if you want to lay low from being in all of these social networks, choose Regal Airport Hotel to lodge in.

You always neglect airport hotels because you always think they are actually unworthy of your money. But Regal Airport Hotel's buffet include, juicy, sweet tasting seafood. It brings you near the IMAX experience because it's just a 5 minute walk to the Hong Kong International Airport arrival area. That being said, it gives you a therapeutic view of the airplanes flying away and taking off.

Honeymooners and couples, get encouraged with their luxurious cabana type of a room where you and your loved one could get a couple's spa and massage. Om Spa, located at Regal Airport Hotel's 3rd floor takes you away into a Thai escape with fragrant essential oils and authentic Thai vibe because of how the rooms are decorated. My husband loved the massage service he had. And I loved the rose facial I got alongside of him. It is one of the best experiences we've done together.

This list of hotels had left me in awe for I never knew how good they were until I had the chance to actually sniff what it could offer me and my family. If you know of any more hotels that would want to be in the list, kindly suggest it in the comments below. So that #teamtoomalatai could have a new place to check out and enjoy. Thank you in advance!

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