Tuesday, July 12, 2016


In flight magazines work wonders. With each of their featured stories, I get hold of information from a lot of places in a jiffy without spending a penny. And as I went over Cebu Pacific's Smile Magazine today, I came across an article that featured the rainbow grilled cheese sandwich that had gone trending in instagram. And I knew I had to try it!

Slowly, I am getting fond of our new home here in Tsuen Wan. 10 minutes via shuttle bus to the train station leads to a wide array of great eateries, restaurants and noodle houses. And 5 minutes away from Exit A there's Kala situated at G/F, 4-6 Tsuen Hing Path, Tsuen Wan. 

KALA Toast is recently the most sought after foodie experience by a lot of tourists and local residents alike because of its unique presentation of their grilled cheese sandwiches. It comes in rainbow colours! How is this possible?

As I had experienced this rich grilled sandwich myself, called KALAful Toast, I have observed 4 colours blending in altogether. There's yellow, green, blue and pink/light purplish shade. So it made me curious how they are able to do this.

Four kinds of cheeses - mozzarella, cheddar, emmental and gruyere, are flavoured with basil (which makes a part green), lavender (which makes a part blue), tomato (for the pink part). When melted altogether, they make up the rainbow colours as seen below. These cheeses are directly sourced from Europe. Their toasted breads are crystallised with butter that's why most of the customers find it oily. Don't worry, there's paper to seep that oil in.

For a price of HK$42, it is worth a try. I must say the lavender flavour was really subtle considering the colour that it throws out in the sandwich. The basil was also barely there but the colour green is pretty set. The tomato neutralises everything giving it an aroma of a pizza. I suppose it's alright since I would prefer the original tasting grilled sandwich at all costs. Lavender and basil may alter it in certain ways that I may not like anyway. Besides the fact that it is delightful to the eyes, it's quite selfie worthy too. Other out-of-this world flavours are also available. Here are the recommended must-try's:

Choco-banana Snowman

Green Tea Sandwich
Fresh Durian and Cheese Sandwich
KALA Grilled Cheese Specialist is open from 12nn to 12mn. And can be contacted about its services thru 3706-5432. Sandwiches can be availed only by cash and octopus. Parking can be done at your own risk within the area. And wifi is available for customers.

I expected tables that I could dine in but they had to remove it since Tsuen Hing Path is technically owned by the government. So, it's illegal to actually consider it as a place for personal gains. I am truly hoping that they'd expand to a place where people can sit down and take time in eating their orders.

If you're around the area, pass by and give yourself the four sinful cheeses I know you crave for. Hong Kong Summer is hot and rainy but there's always a rainbow in a bursting grilled cheese sandwich here in Tsuen Wan!

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