Wednesday, September 14, 2016


HALLOWEEN is starting early to make way for Disney villains to rule out Hong Kong Disneyland starting September 15 towards the entire October. No typhoons could stop the evil queen's reign for she will be the one unleashing a storm of her minions and embicles all over the park once the dusk strikes. As soon as it begins, you would feel how halloween is her favorite fright night.

The Disney friends party have called they fairy friends, have put up the masquerade ball and will be joined by harlequins but dark power will be taking over. Together with Jafar and his trusted ally, Iago, Captain Hook, Jack Skellington, Queen of Hearts, the ravens and the snakes crashes the party. Hong Kong Disneyland will be overruled by the dark power of the evil queen. At the castle forefront they turn the enchantment into a haunting event. Come and join the party this Halloween season!!!

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