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Looking for a good Thai restaurant? Tsing Yi got "So Thai So Good" and it lives to its name with their not just decorative dishes but also flavourful ones that will surely take you aback. One rainy night, my husband was craving for something explosive in the mouth without letting go of what's familiar, particularly, seafood. His palate's cravings were not disappointed in coming to this place.

Maritime Square, situated at 33 Tsing King Road is the first mall in Hong Kong to adopt an ocean  and navigation design theme for its interior. It is a home of 150 shops and on the 3rd floor of this 500,000 square feet mall is where  "So Thai So Good" is located.

As you reach the mall via the Tsing Yi MTR station, you will not miss the dainty restaurant on the third because it exudes a homey feel that can capture a passerby's interest. Because of how simple the colors are and how the price of their food is readily available to be checked out by the entrance, it becomes attractive to  people from different walks of life. I like how it's clean, it's different from the rest of the restaurants and that the decorative pots are in Tiffany Blue. Fancy!

Pai Thai in Tamarind Sauce with River Prawn - HK$85
More than the decor though is the food. To start off, that stormy night (hence my rain boots and extra jacket in Summer), they had a buy one, take one on any yogurt smoothie which was fantastic with the Poly boys' taste. It's refreshing and milky sweet. This aided the spicy 'Pai Thai' in Tamarind Sauce with River Prawn that I ordered. As we all know, milk soothes a burnt tongue faster than anything. So, this was just a perfect match. Some of the hit flavours were blueberry, mango, strawberry, banana hazelnut, citron, green apple, peach, mango coconut, chocolate and banana. It's interesting how it came in bottles of fresh milk because it gives it a rustic ranch plating. It looks clean and classy too.

Cardoman Galangal Beef - HK$85
The Cardamon Galangal Beef served sizzling hot was also a bit spicy but the meat was very tender and tasty. The vegetables were served fresh but cooked. It came with a serving of rice and I believe with an additional cup of rice, it can serve two people. May I suggest that you share as a group with all of these orders because pretty sure, it can serve more than one.

One of us wanted to try the fried pork knuckle
served over the rice but my husband and I died
as this dish came. It was that good.
It's simple but the fish was meaty, juicy and sweet. It came with a spicy fish sauce that took us back to our honeymoon days in Phuket. And that being said, with "So Thai So Good"'s aim of bringing East dishes to combine with Western taste and decor, we took it with a light heart and a full tummy with two thumbs up with everything that we ordered with a reasonable prize.

From the appetisers, down to their desserts, it's promising enough for another definite visit. The cafe restaurant is open from 11am to 11pm, separate from the closing hours of other shops in Maritime Square. A heads up for foodies who may want to try this that they could get crowded during peak hours. With a seating capacity of  only 90, expect that you will line up during lunch and dinner times.

Home-made potato wedges
with Cheese and chilli mayo
So Thai So Good is one of the 30 restaurants representing cuisines from the Mediterranean, Korea, Southeast Asia and China that King Parrot Group had put up. Established in 1992, they aim to give quality food, excellent service and beautifully themed and designed ambience for an exquisite dining experience. King Parrot Group has been the leading company in providing best themed restaurants all around Hong Kong with 23 years of experience in the business.

Check out this gem after checking out Bershka, Zara or Uniqlo for a unique blend of Thai and Western fusion cuisine with home made coffee and bread for a finale.

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